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Interior Plant Maintenance services are provided by our professional, reliable, and friendly plant technicians. 

Maintenance Services that Plants-R-Us Provides:

Plants-R-Us will use our horticultural knowledge to maintain the health, vigor and appearance of your live interior plants.

Live interior plant maintenance services include the following: Trimming, Fertilizing, Watering, Leaf Shining, Fresh Moss at the base of plants, Ordering, Providing and Installing brand new Live Interior Plants (at competitive prices so as to work within your allotted budget), Professional cleaning and refreshing of live interior plants, Pest Control (when and if needed), Professional cleaning and refreshing of silk/faux interior plants, commercial interior plant design, and the cleaning and rejuvenating of your existing live indoor plants or silk/faux plants.

The Benefits of Live Interior Plants:

Live interior plants supply oxygen to an enclosed environment, improve overall appearance of an area, motivate and elevate employee esteem, and reduce carbon monoxide build up.


Special Offer

1st Time Customer Special!

One month FREE live or silk plant maintenance service from our professional staff at Plants-R-Us.

Please NOTE: Free Maintenance Service is redeemable on your 6th month of service.